I mentioned in the past post that Randall and I have built a photo booth.  It isn’t your traditional sit in a box and take your picture booth.  It is what they call an “open” photo booth. Actually, our site describes it best: “We set up a giant white backdrop, a studio strobe, and a DSLR camera so you get great looking, top quality pictures. A foot pedal triggers the camera, so it’s fun and simple to use for all ages. Our photo booth encourages participation from all of your guests. Once a picture is snapped, it is transferred to an iPad for large viewing. Guests can swipe through pictures and see how much fun everyone is having- it’s impossible to not join in!”  It really is impossible not to join in.  We’ve had so much fun using it.  We’ve done several events already! We did 2 weddings last month, we had a booth at the fourth of july festival (where we also printed the pictures on the spot) and are doing Rush week for a local church. Make sure you check out our website here!





Randalls parents found Maya with her sister when they were just itty bitty.  We’ve had Maya for a few months now (she’s a little bigger now than when this picture was taken) and we just found out that she….is really a he.  Whoops!  We are trying to decide if we should just leave him with a girl name or change the name to something a little more masculine.  Who knows!  Maya’s sister went to a really great home and as far as we know she is still a she. ;)



The Start of an Apartment Transformation?

Randall, Max & I have been living together since December.  We have had a lot going on since then. We’ve added a kitten to our little family, gotten new jobs, built an awesome photo booth, but as long as we have been living here we still haven’t put any decorations up.  We got the basic furniture, kitchen supplies, blinds and some hall rugs but that’s about it right now.  We live in a three bedroom apartment and it still feels empty to me.  I’ve been searching pinterest for some fun/cheap things we can do to change our apartment from boring to awesome.  Here are some of my favorite links so far.


This tutorial is from Hello Newman’s! blog. It looks like a really simple and stylish way to make your own curtains, not to mention cheap.


Now from the Creative Mama comes one of my favorite photo wall displays!  I love collages. I love having tons of photos up. This looks like such an easy way to not only show a bunch of photos but also like a really easy way to change photos any time you want.  I also imagine this with a lot of little instagram squares.


I don’t know exactly where this picture originated from. I absolutely love the use of the corner area. Randall and I are sharing an office right now and I feel like this would really utilize the space that I have the best.  I also am being realistic, my space would never be that organized!


This pantry idea comes from Domestic Imperfection’s blog.  I LOVE the use of pencil holders for a spice rack in her pantry.  Our pantry is a very odd shape and I think this idea would work perfectly for us.  It would free up an entire cabinet in the kitchen too!


These are just some of the things I’ve found and fallen in love with.  Hopefully I’ll be able to tackle some of these projects soon!  If you want to see some more apartment transformation ideas that I’ve posted on pinterest check it out here.
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Project Life



I just had my birthday last week. I love birthdays.  They give me an excuse to be excited and eat lots of cake.  This also happens to be the first birthday that I’ve been home in the past 3 years. I am usually on the road in New Jersey for work.  This year my lovely boyfriend surprised me big time! He planned an outing to Dave & Busters and had a few of my closest friends meet us there. I had no idea. I still didn’t understand what exactly was going on even when we were walking in the door.  Apparently I’m easily overwhelmed or just a little slow on the uptake.  Randall and I spent a majority of the day before Dave & Busters at a wedding running our photo booth (and Randall was the best man!). The wedding was lots of fun and the photobooth was a giant success!


All in all it was a very busy day.

I got a few awesome birthday presents but this is one of my favorites.  My friend Courtney bought me an Amazon gift card and I immediately turned around and bought stuff for Project Life.  I have been wanting to do this simple scrapbook for over a year now. I wasn’t able to order any journaling cards (they are out of stock) but I did get an orange binder and the big variety pack #2. My stuff arrived yesterday and I have been putting my poor printer to work!



The title page took a lot longer to put together than I expected.  I haven’t done any scrapbooking in years so I felt out of practice.  In the title page I have a picture of my parents on the top right, Randall and I in the middle, my brother and dad in the middle-right, Randalls’ mom and nieces on the bottom left, and my friend Lyndsey and I on the bottom right.  The little circle with 2012 in it says “2012 memories start here”.  I thought it was very cute!

I have been wanting to do Project Life for a while now so naturally I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to it.  Click on the link below to check it out!

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Locks of Love

I had this post ready a while ago but I was having website issues so I haven’t had a chance to update until now.  Thank you for being patient while I learn how to use WordPress.  Now on to the post!


I was lucky enough to be able to attend another Love Town event a few weeks ago.  I donated my hair!  I have been growing it out for a few years just to donate to a cause like this.  I ended up donating a total of 11 inches.  It was an interesting experience having all those cameras in such a small space.  I was definitely more nervous about my haircut than I was about the cameras though.  Here are some quick before and after pictures of my hair cut. :)


I have several “day” jobs. I am a part-time house cleaner, Videographer and now I am a Thirty-One consultant!  I lead a very busy life and am out of town a lot.  In fact I am out of town right now. haha.  I am working my way towards getting my jewelry on to Etsy and selling jewelry more regularly. I would really like to do some more craft shows too.  I need all the motivation I can get at this point! I am hoping this blog will help me keep track of things I make, learning new techniques and even new hobbies.  Hope you all stick around and enjoy the journey with me. :)


Love Town art walk & Sarah Evans concert

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be part of the Love Town art walk!  It was my friend Katen and I’s first booth and was a huge learning experience.  It was a very rainy, gloomy and cold day.  We ended up not having a waterproof tent (it was only meant to be a sun shade) and had a hard time keeping warm.  We met a lot of interesting and very awesome people.  I am hoping to see many of the same artists at other events in the area.  Next time we will have a waterproof tent and some extra towels!

Here is a snapshot of our booth in the process of being set up!  We had a card table in the middle a little later on.  The rain didn’t allow us to take any good pictures later on in the day.


I am in the process of adding taking pictures of jewelry and getting things added to my etsy shop.  Thank you to everyone who has been patiently waiting for me to update everything.  :)


I have to show off Randall’s skills.  I really am very lucky to have him helping me.  In the picture above you can kind of see my earring display board.  Here is a close up!



Yes, I am ridiculously happy about it. Randall made that the day before the show and it turned out better than I could have imagined! I’m currently trying to talk him into making me another one.  Wish me luck.


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