The Start of an Apartment Transformation?

Randall, Max & I have been living together since December.  We have had a lot going on since then. We’ve added a kitten to our little family, gotten new jobs, built an awesome photo booth, but as long as we have been living here we still haven’t put any decorations up.  We got the basic furniture, kitchen supplies, blinds and some hall rugs but that’s about it right now.  We live in a three bedroom apartment and it still feels empty to me.  I’ve been searching pinterest for some fun/cheap things we can do to change our apartment from boring to awesome.  Here are some of my favorite links so far.


This tutorial is from Hello Newman’s! blog. It looks like a really simple and stylish way to make your own curtains, not to mention cheap.


Now from the Creative Mama comes one of my favorite photo wall displays!  I love collages. I love having tons of photos up. This looks like such an easy way to not only show a bunch of photos but also like a really easy way to change photos any time you want.  I also imagine this with a lot of little instagram squares.


I don’t know exactly where this picture originated from. I absolutely love the use of the corner area. Randall and I are sharing an office right now and I feel like this would really utilize the space that I have the best.  I also am being realistic, my space would never be that organized!


This pantry idea comes from Domestic Imperfection’s blog.  I LOVE the use of pencil holders for a spice rack in her pantry.  Our pantry is a very odd shape and I think this idea would work perfectly for us.  It would free up an entire cabinet in the kitchen too!


These are just some of the things I’ve found and fallen in love with.  Hopefully I’ll be able to tackle some of these projects soon!  If you want to see some more apartment transformation ideas that I’ve posted on pinterest check it out here.
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