Project Life



I just had my birthday last week. I love birthdays.  They give me an excuse to be excited and eat lots of cake.  This also happens to be the first birthday that I’ve been home in the past 3 years. I am usually on the road in New Jersey for work.  This year my lovely boyfriend surprised me big time! He planned an outing to Dave & Busters and had a few of my closest friends meet us there. I had no idea. I still didn’t understand what exactly was going on even when we were walking in the door.  Apparently I’m easily overwhelmed or just a little slow on the uptake.  Randall and I spent a majority of the day before Dave & Busters at a wedding running our photo booth (and Randall was the best man!). The wedding was lots of fun and the photobooth was a giant success!


All in all it was a very busy day.

I got a few awesome birthday presents but this is one of my favorites.  My friend Courtney bought me an Amazon gift card and I immediately turned around and bought stuff for Project Life.  I have been wanting to do this simple scrapbook for over a year now. I wasn’t able to order any journaling cards (they are out of stock) but I did get an orange binder and the big variety pack #2. My stuff arrived yesterday and I have been putting my poor printer to work!



The title page took a lot longer to put together than I expected.  I haven’t done any scrapbooking in years so I felt out of practice.  In the title page I have a picture of my parents on the top right, Randall and I in the middle, my brother and dad in the middle-right, Randalls’ mom and nieces on the bottom left, and my friend Lyndsey and I on the bottom right.  The little circle with 2012 in it says “2012 memories start here”.  I thought it was very cute!

I have been wanting to do Project Life for a while now so naturally I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to it.  Click on the link below to check it out!

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