Locks of Love

I had this post ready a while ago but I was having website issues so I haven’t had a chance to update until now.  Thank you for being patient while I learn how to use WordPress.  Now on to the post!


I was lucky enough to be able to attend another Love Town event a few weeks ago.  I donated my hair!  I have been growing it out for a few years just to donate to a cause like this.  I ended up donating a total of 11 inches.  It was an interesting experience having all those cameras in such a small space.  I was definitely more nervous about my haircut than I was about the cameras though.  Here are some quick before and after pictures of my hair cut. :)


I have several “day” jobs. I am a part-time house cleaner, Videographer and now I am a Thirty-One consultant!  I lead a very busy life and am out of town a lot.  In fact I am out of town right now. haha.  I am working my way towards getting my jewelry on to Etsy and selling jewelry more regularly. I would really like to do some more craft shows too.  I need all the motivation I can get at this point! I am hoping this blog will help me keep track of things I make, learning new techniques and even new hobbies.  Hope you all stick around and enjoy the journey with me. :)