Black Friday

We went shopping. On Black Friday.  In an actual mall. At midnight.


We must have lost our minds. hahaha.  Randall and I went shopping with two of our closest friends in Tulsa.  We ended up shopping until 4 am.  FOUR?! It was nice that the mall opened at midnight instead of pretending like any of us were going to wake up for the crazy five-six am rush.  We had a blast and actually scored some pretty awesome deals!  Randall got jeans (he’s a tall guy, finding jeans for him is rather difficult.) not just one pair though.  He bought 3 different pairs of jeans that all fit him.  Crazy.  He also bought a peacoat and an army green jacket for great prices.  We both desperately needed real winter clothes so that was our favorite find.  I got a few camis for super cheap, a shirt and skirt outfit and I didn’t really find much else that I liked the price on.  Even when an entire store is 40% and the shirt you want still ends up costing $40….it’s not worth it to me. haha.  Apparently I’m cheap.  The next morning (read: afternoon) I did some browsing online and found a bunch of stuff I wish I had seen at the store.  I ordered jeans, a hoodie and a sweater from aeropostale.  Then we all decided to go BACK to the mall that same evening.  Yes.  Crazy people.  I am super glad we went back a second time though.  It was easier to look through the stores and we were able to all find some really awesome deals.  I ended up buying cute $10 shoes and our friends found a bunch of goodies.  So our Black Friday shopping day actually went really well.  We all had a blast and spent a bit too much money.  But in the end I think it was all worth it. :)


Also made for some awesome pictures for my project life album.  Or as my new friend J calls it “your book of life!”.  haha.


I’m standing on something in both of these pictures.  Randall is way taller than I am normally. Haha.

Today we are braving Joanns and maybe even Michaels! Michaels is having some awesome sales this evening.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!