Holy Cow. It’s Thanksgiving?!

What happened to the time?


I have been extremely busy the past few weeks.  I spent three weeks out of town for work and have spent the last two moving.  Yup.  Moving.  To a different state.  My boyfriend and I decided on the move about two weeks into my business trip.  He had a few job leads and I have the ability to get a job anywhere right now.  The timing was right for us to pick up and go!  We now live in Tulsa, OK.  Coming from a small Georgia town, this place is amazing.  I have a hobby lobby, Jo Anns, and a Michaels all within 10 minutes of each other! Back in GA it took me 45 minutes to get to the nearest Michaels.  I have actually never been in a hobby lobby before this week.  Wow.  I have been missing out.  We moved right as our lease on the apartment was up, which is great and horrible timing.  It is holiday season after all.  This year will be the first year away from our families for the holidays.  We aren’t sure if we will be able to make it back for Christmas yet or not.  Lucky for us, we have a few friends in Tulsa.  Right now we are staying with a good friend of ours while we look for apartments and jobs.  The job thing turned out to be a lot easier for me than expected.  You are looking at a new server for the Melting Pot!  I had an interview a few days ago and start training next week! I’m pretty excited about it.  Randall has some interviews next week too.  So as you can tell, we have been busy.


But.  Back to crafty stuff!  Randall and I went to Hobby Lobby the other day. Randall the awesome amazing guy that he is, bought me some knitting supplies!  I am currently working on my first scarf.  I can already tell you that the first few rows are a bit rough but I am determined to get it finished.  I also have some fun Christmas stuff planned for us this year.  I’m not listing anything on Etsy for christmas. The move kind of threw everything up in the air for us and we had to split our stuff to move in half.  We moved over here in only our little car.  We will be getting the rest of our stuff when we get an apartment.  My jewelry stuff was left behind for the time being.  I am working through project life.  Starting with our packing and moving here.  So far I only have 2 full spreads done but I am completely caught up! That is so exciting for me.  I will be getting a date stamp soon too!


I guess this is where I start saying how thankful I am for everything and anything.  Right now I couldn’t be more thankful for amazing people.  So many supportive friends and family and so many helpful hands.  That’s all I really want to focus on this year.  Tomorrow we will not be alone for thanksgiving and that is a great feeling.


:) Happy Thanksgiving everyone!