Failed Birthday Cake

A good friend of mine just had a birthday recently. I decided I was going to try to surprise her with a birthday cake.  It wasn’t much of a surprise since I called her to find out what kind of cake she would like best. :P  It’s the thought that counts!  I’ve made cake pops, cupcakes, muffins and a cake on occasion.  I really wish someone would have reminded me how terrible I am at making cakes.   I mean, I’m terrible.  The cake itself tastes fine. I’m just so impatient that when I decide to put icing on my still warm cake it just turns to a pile of crumbs.  Since I haven’t made cake in a long time I completely forgot how little patience I have with the cooling process.  I also waited until only a few hours before I was planning on going over to her house to start making it. Oops!  I started baking the chocolate devil fudge cake and everything was fine. Then I decided I was going to cut the giant cake in half and make it a layered cake.  It all went down hill from there.  I didn’t cut the cake evenly so it was tippy from the beginning. I started icing the cake before it was cool so there were crumbs falling everywhere.  I was near tears.  Then an entire corner decided to come off the cake completely. I tried to fix it by just putting a giant blob of icing in the spot. It didn’t work out so well.


At this point I was teary eyed and yelling for my little brother Max to help me. I should mention he’s really not that little.  He’s eighteen.  But still a little brother to me!  Max came in the kitchen and saw the look on my face and the tippy cake mess all over the floor and counter. He couldn’t help but laugh at my distress.  He tried to help me patch it up the best we could.  It looked decent enough, at least presentable.  Once we got it to that point we left it alone and I waited until she was ready for company so I could bring it to her.  Not ten minutes later Max told me that the cake fell over.  Yup.  The whole top layer just slid off the top. There was no fixing that. I was out of icing and didn’t have time to go to the store.  I was in panic mode.  A few minutes after that she informed me she was ready to see me.  I made Max come with me and we came up with a great story for the sad looking cake.  When she opened the door to let us in I quickly blurted out happy birthday and told her that the cake was an art statement.  It was actually two cakes that were placed at an angle to make it look more interesting! She got a good laugh out of that.


We all ate a piece of cake and it tasted fine.  Pretty good actually.  I just know now that I HAVE to learn some patience when baking.  I was just so excited about making the cake I couldn’t wait to see it finished.  Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures. I wasn’t planning on sharing this failure. I took the pictures for Randall to see how horrible my adventures in cake making was going.  I’m sure he had a good laugh at work about it.

See! She ate some of it! :)

Maybe I should just stick to making cupcakes.