I mentioned in the past post that Randall and I have built a photo booth.  It isn’t your traditional sit in a box and take your picture booth.  It is what they call an “open” photo booth. Actually, our site describes it best: “We set up a giant white backdrop, a studio strobe, and a DSLR camera so you get great looking, top quality pictures. A foot pedal triggers the camera, so it’s fun and simple to use for all ages. Our photo booth encourages participation from all of your guests. Once a picture is snapped, it is transferred to an iPad for large viewing. Guests can swipe through pictures and see how much fun everyone is having- it’s impossible to not join in!”  It really is impossible not to join in.  We’ve had so much fun using it.  We’ve done several events already! We did 2 weddings last month, we had a booth at the fourth of july festival (where we also printed the pictures on the spot) and are doing Rush week for a local church. Make sure you check out our website here!