You need to let little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.

-Andy Warhol


Black Friday

We went shopping. On Black Friday.  In an actual mall. At midnight.


We must have lost our minds. hahaha.  Randall and I went shopping with two of our closest friends in Tulsa.  We ended up shopping until 4 am.  FOUR?! It was nice that the mall opened at midnight instead of pretending like any of us were going to wake up for the crazy five-six am rush.  We had a blast and actually scored some pretty awesome deals!  Randall got jeans (he’s a tall guy, finding jeans for him is rather difficult.) not just one pair though.  He bought 3 different pairs of jeans that all fit him.  Crazy.  He also bought a peacoat and an army green jacket for great prices.  We both desperately needed real winter clothes so that was our favorite find.  I got a few camis for super cheap, a shirt and skirt outfit and I didn’t really find much else that I liked the price on.  Even when an entire store is 40% and the shirt you want still ends up costing $40….it’s not worth it to me. haha.  Apparently I’m cheap.  The next morning (read: afternoon) I did some browsing online and found a bunch of stuff I wish I had seen at the store.  I ordered jeans, a hoodie and a sweater from aeropostale.  Then we all decided to go BACK to the mall that same evening.  Yes.  Crazy people.  I am super glad we went back a second time though.  It was easier to look through the stores and we were able to all find some really awesome deals.  I ended up buying cute $10 shoes and our friends found a bunch of goodies.  So our Black Friday shopping day actually went really well.  We all had a blast and spent a bit too much money.  But in the end I think it was all worth it. :)


Also made for some awesome pictures for my project life album.  Or as my new friend J calls it “your book of life!”.  haha.


I’m standing on something in both of these pictures.  Randall is way taller than I am normally. Haha.

Today we are braving Joanns and maybe even Michaels! Michaels is having some awesome sales this evening.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Holy Cow. It’s Thanksgiving?!

What happened to the time?


I have been extremely busy the past few weeks.  I spent three weeks out of town for work and have spent the last two moving.  Yup.  Moving.  To a different state.  My boyfriend and I decided on the move about two weeks into my business trip.  He had a few job leads and I have the ability to get a job anywhere right now.  The timing was right for us to pick up and go!  We now live in Tulsa, OK.  Coming from a small Georgia town, this place is amazing.  I have a hobby lobby, Jo Anns, and a Michaels all within 10 minutes of each other! Back in GA it took me 45 minutes to get to the nearest Michaels.  I have actually never been in a hobby lobby before this week.  Wow.  I have been missing out.  We moved right as our lease on the apartment was up, which is great and horrible timing.  It is holiday season after all.  This year will be the first year away from our families for the holidays.  We aren’t sure if we will be able to make it back for Christmas yet or not.  Lucky for us, we have a few friends in Tulsa.  Right now we are staying with a good friend of ours while we look for apartments and jobs.  The job thing turned out to be a lot easier for me than expected.  You are looking at a new server for the Melting Pot!  I had an interview a few days ago and start training next week! I’m pretty excited about it.  Randall has some interviews next week too.  So as you can tell, we have been busy.


But.  Back to crafty stuff!  Randall and I went to Hobby Lobby the other day. Randall the awesome amazing guy that he is, bought me some knitting supplies!  I am currently working on my first scarf.  I can already tell you that the first few rows are a bit rough but I am determined to get it finished.  I also have some fun Christmas stuff planned for us this year.  I’m not listing anything on Etsy for christmas. The move kind of threw everything up in the air for us and we had to split our stuff to move in half.  We moved over here in only our little car.  We will be getting the rest of our stuff when we get an apartment.  My jewelry stuff was left behind for the time being.  I am working through project life.  Starting with our packing and moving here.  So far I only have 2 full spreads done but I am completely caught up! That is so exciting for me.  I will be getting a date stamp soon too!


I guess this is where I start saying how thankful I am for everything and anything.  Right now I couldn’t be more thankful for amazing people.  So many supportive friends and family and so many helpful hands.  That’s all I really want to focus on this year.  Tomorrow we will not be alone for thanksgiving and that is a great feeling.


:) Happy Thanksgiving everyone!




Holiday Boot Camp

I just received the first email from Etsy for the Holiday boot camp they are doing this year! I will have a little more work than most people since I will be starting from scratch. I only have 2 items in my shop right now and the shop desperately needs to be spruced up.  I’m hoping that being party of the holiday boot camp will help me stay on track and sell some stuff this holiday season.  I just bought a new pair of flush cutters from Fire Mountain Gems. I’ve been wanting to order them for some time.  I can not wait until they come in! They cut up to 16 Gauge wire and look like they’ll fit in tight places quite easily. It will really help with the making of my viking knit necklaces and bracelets.

Aren’t they pretty?? I love the yellow and grey. :)


Anybody else out there participating in holiday boot camp for 2012?  How are you starting off?


I mentioned a few posts ago that Maya turned out to be a boy…whoops!  Well we finally decided on his new name.  Say hello to Nikko. :) Look how big he’s getting!



Special Olympics

I had such a great time at Special Olympics in Perry, Georgia this year.  I’ve been wanting to do it for the past 3 years but havent had the chance.  One of the most exciting things for me was being able to be a photographer for the weekend! I’m usually the person running the video camera so switching to a still camera was pretty exciting.  It took me a little while to get used to a new camera and shooting with no flash (they didn’t want any horses to get spooked) but I got a hang of it pretty quickly.  I was one of two event photographers for the weekend.   I have been working as a videographer for reining horse shows for over 3 years. I learned a bunch of little things about horses this weekend that I know will make me a hundred times more comfortable around horses at my regular shows.  I didn’t grow up around horses as most of the people I work with have.  This has all been a new and exciting experience for me. Every horse show I learn something new about horses, or scoring, or even just about the people who decided to make horse riding and training their living.


Here are some snapshots from the special olympics trip.  :)





I’ve been waiting for months now.  I hate waiting.  I really wanted to start project life “right”. I wanted to start with a core kit and the binder.  I have managed to purchase Design A and a clementine binder but the core kit hasn’t been available for months.  This month it will be back on sale. I am so excited, and so ready to buy them!  I have decided that I will do a weekly Project Life starting in 2013.  For right now I’m just getting everything organized and getting my craft desk in order.  Randall and I have had a slight change of plans concerning that extra room of ours.  We have new house guests living with us! But more details on that later. :)  The main thing is, no more craft room.  That’s just forcing me to get creative with my side of the office.  Randall has been very patient with the hurricane mess I have on my desk, but I don’t think either of us want it to remain that way forever.  My goal for the next few months is to get my side all cleaned up and have some shelves available for me. Put together a specific project life area.  Start preparing for 2013 project life, which I have already started doing today. I have gone through the calendar and put dates on sticky notes on my binder so I know when my weeks start and end.  I think this will speed up the process in the long run.  This doesn’t mean that I will not be doing any layouts between now and January however.  I just won’t have any specific dates tied to events. I am trying to keep things organized by month at least but it all feels like a semi-organized chaos right now.  I’m on the hunt for some fun weekly title cards but I have a feeling I’ll be making my own. I haven’t been much of a scrapbooker in years so I don’t have any supplies lying around.  I’m hoping this will force me to take advantage of some Michaels labor day sales!


Well I’m off.  I have some more pinterest searching to do for Project Life stuff and then I have to get ready for the Paper Tongues concert in Jacksonville! I’ll definitely be posting some pictures from that tomorrow.


My brother has officially moved out of the apartment.  He’s been in college for almost a full 2 weeks now.  It’s been very lonely at the house during the day and Niko will not stop meowing and it’s driving everyone a little crazy. Needless to say things have been busy.  I have decided to turn Max’s old bedroom into my craft room. This may be a temporary set up since we may have a room mate move in with us in December.  Until then the room is all mine!  Today I cleaned out the rest of the stuff Max left behind and vacuumed his floor. It really needed it.  I took out his closet-maid shelf and I am making room to put up a bookshelf in the closet.  I hate those wire closet-maid things that all apartments seem to have. I was so happy to take it down. So far it’s all just a work in progress and I’m kind of just making it up as I go. I wish I could paint to add some color but thats something we can’t do while renting here.  I am however going to take down the closet doors and replace them with curtains. That’ll be a fun little project and add a pop of color!  Anyway.  Back to cleaning and getting things moved around. I’ll try to add pictures this week!



Failed Birthday Cake

A good friend of mine just had a birthday recently. I decided I was going to try to surprise her with a birthday cake.  It wasn’t much of a surprise since I called her to find out what kind of cake she would like best. :P  It’s the thought that counts!  I’ve made cake pops, cupcakes, muffins and a cake on occasion.  I really wish someone would have reminded me how terrible I am at making cakes.   I mean, I’m terrible.  The cake itself tastes fine. I’m just so impatient that when I decide to put icing on my still warm cake it just turns to a pile of crumbs.  Since I haven’t made cake in a long time I completely forgot how little patience I have with the cooling process.  I also waited until only a few hours before I was planning on going over to her house to start making it. Oops!  I started baking the chocolate devil fudge cake and everything was fine. Then I decided I was going to cut the giant cake in half and make it a layered cake.  It all went down hill from there.  I didn’t cut the cake evenly so it was tippy from the beginning. I started icing the cake before it was cool so there were crumbs falling everywhere.  I was near tears.  Then an entire corner decided to come off the cake completely. I tried to fix it by just putting a giant blob of icing in the spot. It didn’t work out so well.


At this point I was teary eyed and yelling for my little brother Max to help me. I should mention he’s really not that little.  He’s eighteen.  But still a little brother to me!  Max came in the kitchen and saw the look on my face and the tippy cake mess all over the floor and counter. He couldn’t help but laugh at my distress.  He tried to help me patch it up the best we could.  It looked decent enough, at least presentable.  Once we got it to that point we left it alone and I waited until she was ready for company so I could bring it to her.  Not ten minutes later Max told me that the cake fell over.  Yup.  The whole top layer just slid off the top. There was no fixing that. I was out of icing and didn’t have time to go to the store.  I was in panic mode.  A few minutes after that she informed me she was ready to see me.  I made Max come with me and we came up with a great story for the sad looking cake.  When she opened the door to let us in I quickly blurted out happy birthday and told her that the cake was an art statement.  It was actually two cakes that were placed at an angle to make it look more interesting! She got a good laugh out of that.


We all ate a piece of cake and it tasted fine.  Pretty good actually.  I just know now that I HAVE to learn some patience when baking.  I was just so excited about making the cake I couldn’t wait to see it finished.  Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures. I wasn’t planning on sharing this failure. I took the pictures for Randall to see how horrible my adventures in cake making was going.  I’m sure he had a good laugh at work about it.

See! She ate some of it! :)

Maybe I should just stick to making cupcakes.


Summer of Weddings

Weddings seem to be happening every weekend this month!  I know that when it comes to wedding jewelry most people focus on what the bride is going to wear.  It is her “big day” after all.  What about the bridesmaids? I have always loved the idea of the bride giving jewelry as gifts for her bridesmaids.  So I decided to search Etsy for some of my favorite sets.  I think that I could probably recreate most of these myself but not everyone has the time to do that. What do you think about giving these sets as gifts to a bridesmaid?


Click on the picture to go to their Etsy Shop!

I love the little card she includes with this!  The personalized jewelry is always my favorite. It’s so cute and simple!

How great would this necklace be for a beach wedding?? We have a lot of those around here.  We only live about 45 minutes from the beach so it’s always on the top of most brides lists of places to get married. I love the hint of blue/green in this necklace.

Now here is some funky wedding jewelry!  I love the mix of colors and think these necklaces would go great in a summer wedding!

Not all brides want to give necklaces.  Here is a beautiful bracelet alternative! I love the flowers and pearl on this set.  The fact it can be personalized is also a huge plus.

Here is another variation. These lariat pearl necklaces are gorgeous.  I want one for myself!  Although they aren’t personalized I think they are perfect to dress up or dress down with.  They can be worn everyday that way.


That’s my small collection of favorites from Etsy.  Do you have any creative bridesmaids gifts?  I’ve seen a few fun ones on Pinterest but I’d love to see some different ones!

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